Late Fall, 2009

A late fall evening overlooking the pond

The new sauna is built and ready for use

An evening campfire...our favorite

Athena, in all her glory

Mama BlackBear

A frosty morning

Frost on the last leaves of summer

The thick fog one morning

Frost on the remnants of the garden and its netting/fence

Some potatoes that we forgot to plant didn't forget to grow! Nature always finds a way, even in a closed cupboard.

Lizzie on the computer at the farm

Maddie in the new bed...Lizzie's back is so thankful for the gift!

Maya and Athena snoozing

The new kerosene heater makes the nights nicer at the cabin.

Maya and her BlackBear up in the loft where BlackBear likes to hang out

A glimpse of the moon

Look carefully...there's Maya running to the cabin.

Dad washes hair.

Dad gets the old burner to work!

He blows warm air into the cabin.

Liz and her freakishly large rutabaga!

The bath is installed and almost ready for water.

There is electricity now in the banya!

BlackBear getting ready for the frigid week ahead