Winter, 2010

The tell-tale sign of hunting season...the orange hat!

Very wintry, but very pretty

The trees were heavily laden with snow.

At the neighbors

More wintry shots

The locust is a formidable foe, but rather dramatic in its winter nakedness.

The locust with moss and impaled dry leaf

The only vehicle that works in this weather, the tractor

Maya and Mhairi playing "store" in the cabin

Yes, our cats are great hunters!

The green on the hill, the first sign of spring

Felix and Angel cuddled up just a couple of days before he left us. See blog for details.

The snow just keeps coming!

Dad has a new friend, Sweet Pea.

Another sure sign of spring, the set up of the greenhouse in the living room

Another view of the greenhouse

One of the first seed trays
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