Spring, 2010

Aronia berries

A fun rest area on the way to the Organic Farming Conference in February

Dinner at an historic train depot in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Lizzie at dinner

Sinister Dane at the Organic Farming Conference

The mighty Mississippi

Picnic tables hibernating

Work is almost finished on the banya


Maddie the manicurist

The new purple martin house

Our hearty garlic!

My buddy, Kim, comes out for a girls' weekend!

Potatoes get planted.

Marlin starts work on the road

Spring green reappears on the hills

Winter chores in the cabin -- Liz fixes the hammock.

Andre replaces the fan.

Mandatory cat photo

The beaver dam

An upended tree in the forest

Our sweet neighbors dropped by

Athena licks her lips

The crocuses wander outside the garden.

The purple garden

The short-lived crocuses

Catching the light