Spring, 2010

The seedlings are coming along

Maya admires her new "toy"

Angel joined us over spring break

Easter baskets!

Playing nerf bunnies

Making candy necklaces

Putting on makeup

The first onions coming up

The old hay bales

Andre working hard on my tractor

The girls playing outside

Fixin' them brakes

Yippie! My tractor works!

Angel's spot on the way home

Angel's other spot

The white pine and the weeping cherry

The solar panels on Andre's barn

The cables connect the solar panels to the inverter box and batteries

"Free" electricity

The connection

The inverter

Used batteries

Lights are on!

Thanks, Harbor Freight!

Annelie and Maya fishing

Maya and her fish

We let the big guy go.

Andre fixing the lawnmower

The weeping cherry