April, 2010

Liz and her Russian Lily at the Girl Scouts' ArtVenture night

Aunt Dec and Maya

Maya the artist

Some of the girls, Liz, and our piece Homage to Kandinsky

Liz visiting Carl's place as part of the
MOSES mentorship program

The utility loft where BlackBear had her babies last Friday morning just on the floor where Maya had prepared a place for her at the foot of the bed

The kittens, just a hour or two old

Andre making fire

Andre mulching one of the many new fruit trees

Liz as garden gnome

Relaxing in the evening

The grass is filling in nicely where the water trench was dug last fall.

The annual side of the main garden with cabbages up and marigolds all around

The raspberries and herbs on the perennial side of the main garden

The onions, shallots, garlic (background with grass) and potatoes (on the left with mulch)

Love the green of spring!

Another view of the main garden

The mandatory artsy shot!

Our first lilac bloom!

The cleaned up kittens about two days old