May, 2010

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With a few extra seedlings after planting at the farm, we made a backyard garden at home. The metal mesh on the left is covering the eggplant.

Angel takes a break from helping me out in the garden.

Another view. The milk containers act as mini-greenhouses for the pepper plants.

Back at the farm, Madi and her friend spend hours reading on the couch.

I wonder where they get that interest?

Cats galore

Goofing around

The clematis on the patio

Close up of the clematis

The happy farmer

Another happy farmer

The two beautiful clematis plants

Green garlic for the CSA bags

Fun in the pool, finally!

Laying the soaker hoses in the tomato and pepper plants

This little one perches in Andre's boot and pounces on all who dare to pass by.

Maya and her littlest kitty in the morning

The kittens become fascinated with the cat box. It's amazing how fast they learn!

The royal pose

Madi, growing up so fast

The garlic scapes are in for about half the garlic

My little harvesting helper, Maya

Maya amid the asparagus ferns

Madi and one of the kittens

Nice, full turnip greens

Red cabbage, weeded by Maya

The tomatoes and peppers all mulched and caged for the season

Twenty-four different kinds of squashes along the fence on the right

Liz cleaning and packaging dandelion leaves for Tomato-Tomato

All five kittens -- 4 "'big" ones and the 1 little grey one

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