June, 2010

Maya and Mhairi visit the Henkeville goats while Liz and Andre shop for herbs and flowers.

BlackBear the cat discovers the missing hamburger patty -- in Liz's bag!

Documented evidence that Maya and Mhairi can do work -- weeding the patio.

One of the new kitties

Two of the new kitties

Some of the kids at the field day

More kids

Grandpa Chuck -- of egg fame -- and one of his buddies

Dec cookin' up a storm

Hollenbeck natural hamburgers and local chicken

The mess in the kitchen later in the day

Touring the aronia berries with Andre

Raza, the neighbor's dog, always manages to find the shade.

The calm AFTER the storm!

A nice shot of the quarter moon

Lovely evening light

How they find this box comfortable for sleeping is beyond me.

Athena just "hanging out"

The eggplant "before"

The eggplant "after"

The squash plants looking good and already producing summer squash

After the deer's visit

The raspberry thicket gets thicker and thicker!

Black raspberries

Andre and his new lamp from Kris

The newly mulched cucumbers and the eggplant tent behind them