Early Winter, 2010

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Mango Habanero sauce

Hot pickled peppers

Visitors helping out and lunching at the farm

Inside the cabin

Rye and radish cover crop

Andre as Joel Salatin and Liz

An aronia berry plant

The fall radishes and herbs

Our chickens' eggs

The chickens in the yard

Aronia berry transplants

"Man make fire"

Find the child

Another load for the road

Getting colder!

Barn prepared for winter

A lovely sunset

Maya and Petunia

Coop prepared for winter

While the chickens are away, the cats will play (in the coop)

Oops! I'm on the wrong side here.

Madi, doing what she does best

Andre with a chicken, as usual

Our handsome rooster, Petya

One cold night, 3.8 degrees outside!

Liz on phone with cat

Juju and Nick visit the farm

Out for a ride

Probably Raza's last visit to our place

Andre fixing the sink bowl which had cracked in the cold


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