Early Spring, 2011

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At the Organic Farming Conference in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, late February

On the road from the OFC

Getting that soil mixed for seedlings!

The germination chamber

Monitoring the temperature

The first seedlings -- marigolds

An interesting bird we saw out of our bedroom window in early March

The end of winter on the farm

Andre sitting in the sun on the patio

Maya in the 3/4 finished playhouse

Another side of the playhouse

Liz with BlackBear in the cabin

Andre with Czarmina snoozing

All the chickens come visiting on the patio, including the one-legged Petunia!

Liz and the auger, digging holes for the new garden fence

32 holes!

One of the holes

The neighbor children helping put up posts

Liz on the roof of the playhouse

A view from the playhouse to the cabin

The new site for the bees

Czarmina sleeping in the flower garden

The neighbor girls with Maya

Playing games

Lizzie snoozing with a kitten

An intruder comes visiting

He avails himself of the cat food

The chickens, with Petunia on the right

The porch of the playhouse

All but one wall done on the playhouse

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