Late Spring, 2011

New kittens

The Girl Scouts visit

Off for a hayrack ride

Melting chocolate in a solar cooker

In California for a wedding

Visiting the poppy reserve in CA

JoJo asleep on Liz

Andre with his friend...

...the frog

Our new chickens, raised from chicks

Lizzie mowing

Our very busy bees

The clematis at its peak

The spring garden

Liz and JoJo

The busy chickens

First harvest

The tomatoes and peppers

Radishes and lettuces

The empty coop :(
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BlackBear and her new kittens

Maxi and JoJo playing

One fourth of our radishes

The new pedal boat!

The wild roses in bloom

Some of the first honey

Andre and Tipper

Maya, our "baby", driving around

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