Summer, 2011

All kinds of basils

The cucumbers have a big job ahead of them to fill the trellises.

The tomatoes are looking good.

Marlin haying

Seeing double...Bootsie comes to visit

The honeybees are tending their brood

Our first honey!!!

Scraping the comb and draining the honey

Draining the honey from the comb

Strained honey, ready to eat

Maya and Andre on the pool rafts with, fortunately, their protective rollover bars

An evening shot of Liz's lights

Madi and Maya on the new swing

The three kittens playing on the post

Maya modeling near the tomatoes

Beets on the right

Andre's cabbages doing well

A couple of melons, for fun

The cucumbers all mulched

The basils and flowers all mulched

Our green zebra tomatoes

Little Catalina playing on the post

Maxi joins Lina

BlackBear and her three babies

Maya modeling the cleaned out compost bin

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