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Some of our favorite sites:

For seeds
(organic, non-GMO,
of course),
we like:

Heirloom Seeds

Seeds of Change

Heirloom Acres Seeds

The Maine Potato Lady

Potato Garden

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Sawmill Hollow Farms (for aronia berries)

Albert Lea Seed

Seed Savers Exchange

Check out this site for farmers near you. Support your local community and eat better food at the same time. Check out a CSA near you!

Omaha's Indoor Farmers' Market!

A great resource for
"going organic!"

Midwest Aronia Association

As a result of recent research into the nutritional and healthful value of the berries, the aronia plant has regained respect and interest in North America and production sites are expanding.

Deer Run Cabins©

Saving time and money, ensuring quality, built by the Amish. Double K Farms has built two of these cabins. They are very well manufactured and the customer service is exceptional!

Swinarski Photography

Check them out for outdoor and professional
photography. Adam has a great eye and gets the best out of children and animals.

Nishnabotna Naturals

Our good friends in Oakland, Iowa, who specialize in the finest salad greens all summer long. Look for their produce at the farmers' markets near them and at Tomato-Tomato in Omaha.

Black Sheep Farms

Some more good friends who operate a wonderful farm outside Omaha and feed 33 families through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Sponsors of field days and a great source of help for farmers in Iowa who want to be organic, sustainable, natural.

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

The certifying agency for our area. It's website has all the resources for "going organic".

One of the few US offices that is in our corner. They help with soil conservation practices, riparian buffer strips, sustainable farming, and, most recently, are granting us money for a new high tunnel greenhouse to go up this fall!

A great resource, The Rodale Institute is located in eastern Pennsylvania and has been farming organic fields for over 30 years. Their newsletter is The New Farm.